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Two Horny Men
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Male located in Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire
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Male located in Norman Cross, Cambridgeshire
Two Guys
Age: 47
Height: 5' 9"
Body Type: Medium
Orientation: Straight
I would like to meet:Couples & Single Females.
Meeting arrangements:I can accommodate and am willing to travel any distance.
Hi. We're two fit and fun men looking to meet open minded people for good times, passion, and 100% confidential excitement.

We are physically clean (mentally filthy!), discreet, and can come to you or meet at a place of your choice, we can also accommodate with notice.
We love pleasing ladies and do not discriminate against age, size, or fetish!

We are happy for other people to be present or join in, but are 100% straight. We are not at all pushy and will follow your lead unless otherwise asked. We are understanding and will respect your wishes and preferences.

We are fairly new to this so please don't feel intimidated by contacting us. We are happy with 'one offs' or repeat meets if you like us. We're not looking for a relationship - life's too short!

We are both white English gentlemen in our early 40s and good looking. We are educated, professional and smart. We work hard and play hard.

For us, we just love the fun, excitement, and discreetly meeting people for a good time. We are willing to try anything - whether you are experienced or looking for a brand new experience we would love to hear from you.

Please don't contact us offering services for money - we are genuine fun seekers and not looking for 'business'.

All messages and winks will be responded to, even if it turns out that we are not what you want - it's just fun and no snotty or demanding messages will ever be sent to you! We request the same courtesy from you. We won't ever turn weird or into stalkers and hope the same from you!

We have photos in our gallery but keep these private. We will gladly share them with genuine contacts.
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Username: Suede
Joined: 1+ year ago
Last logged in: 31 minutes ago

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