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Slow And Sensual With Genuine Recent Pictures
Couple located in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire
Rumour Innuendo
Height:6' 0"5' 2"
Body Type:AverageAverage
We would like to meet:Couples.
Meeting arrangements:We can't accommodate but are willing to travel up to 100 miles.
We have read moc.liamds of profiles on here and have come to the conclusion that we are just different! This is long, but those who want what we want will take the time.We have put the negative bit first so that if it doesn't suit, you can move on quickly.Firstly, we don't want those with facial hair.We don't want bushes down in the play area, prefer shaved, but very well trimmed is fine.We are not looking for women over around size 14 or men that are around the same size.We don't want people who are going to make racist comments in general conversation and we don't want people who want to talk politics.We are not looking for singles or cheaters.Our idea of fun is not sitting on cam at a meet showing off to others.That lacks discretion.It is not in, clothes off and goodbye.It is not lots of hard and fast action.It is not water sports, whether it is hidden by calling it gushing/squirting or you just like peeing on someone! It is not men coming on the face of any participant and it is not any kind of rough treatment.So what is our idea of fun? The title says it all, well nearly all! The idea of getting together with another couple, perhaps having a drink and maybe something to eat.Settling down to an evening of snuggles, fumbles and "making out".Depending on the limits discussed, it may end in sex or it may not, that is not important.What is important is that no one is left out and everyone feels they have had a good time.To quite a lot of people on here, foreplay is oral sex.Not for us! Yes it plays a part, but only a part.As typed above, snuggles and fumbles are a bigger part for us.Closeness and feeling the closeness while copping a feel.Perhaps even, as when we were ------@------.--- to our groping.Giggles and snogging leading to perhaps an allowance to feel over the clothes.Then on to who knows where.Whatever we do, it is all inclusive.If there are four people, then all four play.Someone sitting out and just watching is not what we are looking for.Of course, each one may want to have a rest and that is in no way a signal for all to stop, but we like all playing! Last bit, we promise! Although neither of us are what we would call Bi, that doesn't mean we are scared of same sex body parts.Some touching may go on, either by accident or in the heat of the moment.I wouldn't even call it Bi Curious, just having fun that is acceptable to all playing.So we will meet straight and bi couples in any combination.You're still reading this? Looks like you may have the stamina to meet us.Our pictures are recent and that is what we look like, please make sure yours are too.So if you are interested, drop us a mail.xx.
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