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We Provide A Unique, Free Service For Singles, Swingers, Bulls & Unicorns.

Looking for friendship, dating, adult contact and swinging with other real people across the UK? We are committed to providing a safe, secure environment where genuine singles and couples can meet like minded people.

Whether you are looking for a long term relationship, a friend with benefits, or simply online fun, you will find thousands of like minded adults, and because we only display adverts dedicated to the UK, you have a better chance of actually meeting that someone special face to face.

Who's Online?
Couple, Warwick
Harry (67)
Male, Adderbury
R (54) & J (53)
Couple, High Green
Donna (42)
Female, Muswell Hill
Male, Axminster
M (46) & K (45)
Couple, Bedford
Pete (40) & Vicky (34)
Couple, Cambridge
Ronald Maloney (67)
Male, Portchester
Couple, Sharnbrook
Alison (30)
Female, Manchester
Brody (64)
Male, Banbridge
Mike (39) & Judy (36)
Couple, Bournemouth
Kim (26)
Female, Cornhill
Male, Rothwell
David (55) & Liliya (33)
Couple, Iver
Amy (24)
Female, Bognor Regis
Flash (58)
Male, Great Oakley
M (65) & W (62)
Couple, Brighton
Anne (63) & Doug (73)
Couple, Southampton
M (57)
Male, Plymouth
George (34) & Pip (28)
Couple, Clerkenwell
Daz (45) & Vicky (45)
Couple, Gateshead
David (50)
Male, Stratford & New Town
Female, Bognor Regis

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