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We Provide A Unique, Free Service For Singles, Swingers, Bulls & Unicorns.

Looking for adult contact, swinging, dating and friendship with other real people across the UK? We are committed to providing a safe, secure environment where genuine couples and singles can meet like minded people.

Who's Online?
William (51) & Beccy (57)
Couple, St Clears
Glyn (66)
Male, Lower Morden
Couple, Southgate Green
Mike (73) & Sally (70)
Couple, Nottingham
R (42)
Male, Barden
Dave (64) & Debbie (66)
Couple, Bransford
Couple, Slough
Bill (56)
Male, Witney
Chris (43) & Jenny (37)
Couple, Leicester
Spicy (48) & Sweet (39)
Couple, Bedford
Nick (64)
Male, Glapthorn
Phil (31) & Lyn (29)
Couple, Blackburn
Simon (41) & Sam (43)
Couple, York
Nim (52)
Male, Taunton
Val (48)
Female, Aberystwyth
Female, Bognor Regis
North Staffs (51)
Male, Stoke-on-Trent
M (65) & W (62)
Couple, Brighton
Steve (64) & Lyn (62)
Couple, Coventry
Abdul (64)
Male, Leicester
E (63) & J (52)
Couple, Bury St Edmunds
Steve (63) & Sandy (59)
Couple, Blackpool
Garry Varley (57)
Male, Huthwaite
R (51) & S (49)
Couple, Basildon

Swingers Wife

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